Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday TV...

Thursday has a tricky 7 pm time slot but that's what OnDemand is for. Shows being watched are Vampire Diaries, Bones, Community, 30 Rock, and The Office. I watched the first episode of Outsourced and it got axed because it is stupid.

You can't do any better than the eye candy on Vampire Diaries...

Bones has great chemistry. I don't think I really have to watch this show in first run but I still do.
Community just cracks me up. I haven't watched it yet this season since I have a bunch on the DVR and I watch that OnDemand. Joel McHale is funny.

Not warm and fuzzy, 30 Rock is smart comedy. The subtle humor is the best.

The Office. Steve Carell's last season. I don't think the show can go on without him. One of the shows that I will actually watch in reruns.

Outsourced was just stupid. How many people want to watch a show where the company sells deer heads that sing Sweet Home Alabama?

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