Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nice Assignment: Celebrate 2008

So Melissa over at Operation NICE! had an assignment for everyone to write down ways we celebrated 2008. Here are mine:

* celebrated Andrew's baptism * Grandma and MIL came to visit from Florida * Wine, Cheese & All That Jazz * found a house that we love one boring Saturday * put an offer in on that house * put our house up for sale * celebrated AJ's 1st birthday * photo session with Ellie * had many open houses * completed a huge job- Spring Fever Invitations * Parker's birthday party * had a blast at Spring Fever * went to San Francisco * visited with Jaynie * met her hubby, David * ate at 3 top restaurants- all delish * Park Chow is one of my new favorite restaurants * went to a SF Giants game * went to Golden Gate Park * saw my cousin, Anita, who I haven't seen in more than 20 years * hiked Marin * went to my aunt & uncle's anniversary party in Eau Claire * first Mother's Day * AJ's adoption was finalized! * Steve made shareholder! * inlaws 'moved' to WI from FL for 2 mos * joined the Wausau Country Club * celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary * mom and I were pampered at Waters Spa at the American Club in Kohler * celebrated #33 * threw our annual family reunion (Koehler family) at our house * met Steph and her boys at Schmeckle for a hike and pizza * went to Milwaukee for cousin Jenny's wedding * saw Mike and Missy and met their new twins * saw Mike and Stacy and their girls * spent many Wednesdays at the pool * Carol & Hillie stopped in for a quick visit to meet AJ * Northwoods Art Tour * Marci visited * sold the house! * packed, packed, packed * zoo * associate party * moved out! * Road Rally went off without a hitch * moved in! * unpacked, unpacked, unpacked * 1st grey hair (none since!) * hired 2 new, wonderful babysitters * new hire party * Birds in Art reception and dinner * Festival of Arts * new playgroup * Madison party with Lavold's, Paske's, Jones', & Matthews' * AJ's 1st haircut * started blogs * apple picking * pumpkin patch * made AJ's halloween costume * Adreanna's Birthday Blowout * picked paint colors for the house * playdate central * girls nite out! * Bernards and Koehlers lunch * party at Tara's * trick or treating * voted * taught a card making class * Thanksgiving in the new house * 20 Friends * took an art class * AJ's first visit with Santa * Steve's 34th * a white Christmas * and a new blog! Yes, another one!

My year in a nutshell... Yeah 2008! Can't wait to see what 2009 brings for us!