Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I needed a blogging break!

Last week was busy. We (my husband and I) started a new workout, new diet and a new get up time (4:50 am) which is really early. So far so good though. P90X is intense and I was aching. Sunday- Chest & Back and Abs (LOTS of push-ups and pull-ups), Monday- Plyometrics ('jump' training), Tuesday- Arms & Shoulders and Abs (Arms were a little too easy to be called 'intense'), Wednesday- Yoga. 90 minutes of intense Yoga. I gave it to my friend, Kerri, who is a yoga teacher and she said there was 'A LOT of Vinyasa' which after looking it up, I'm still not quite sure what she means or if that is good or bad or hard or what. I'll be lucky (and happy), really lucky, to be able to do the crane (above photo) after 90 days. But after P90X, I do plan to take a class from Kerri! Thursday- Legs & Back and Abs. Lots of lunges. Friday- Kenpo, which is cardio boxing/mixed martial arts. Kenpo is my favorite. Very fun but I feel like such a clod.

The diet. I have never eaten so much meat in my life! So much protein... I want my carbs back!! Three days last week I ate 6 egg white scrambles with 3 oz of chicken in them and a little parmesan and fresh basil. It took up 1/2 a dinner plate! It is good and I am not that crazy about eggs but the whites are better. My husband just laughs as he looks at my plate.

The new wake up time is fine with me. I am a morning person but I like to stay up a little later because of the little one. I still want some 'me time' and new shows are starting... Where am I going to find the time for all my shows? I may have to 86 some. Oh well.


Mel said...

I think the crane is impossible. It hurts. I will never be able to do it!

You're so dedicated. The thought of all of those omelets make me think of that 12-egg omelet Adam Richman ate on a Man v. Food episode. Yuck.

Sara said...

Whoa! You are busy! And that's a ton of protein! I've heard great things about P90X! Can't wait to hear more on how you like it!