Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How I know I live with a preschooler Tuesday...

The set up: I am picking up AJ from preschool, his teacher, another mom and her son, E, are in the hallway.

E to AJ: You didn't say thank you for my birthday cookie. (Yes, I did think this was rude because AJ probably did say thank you.)
E's mom: E! That wasn't very nice!
AJ to E: You're welcome!
Mom, teacher, me: Giggle
E is standing there with his hands out and palms up. AJ takes E's hand and shakes it.
AJ to E: Nice to meet you!
Mom, teacher and me: Crying we are all laughing so hard!
I just hope stuff continues to roll off him like this and he is always so laid back (and funny)!

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