Friday, September 3, 2010

The it's Friday, I'm in love series

1. PRESCHOOL: Well, I am always in love with this little guy- not just on Fridays!! But I am glad that he has started school, is loving it and I am getting back awesome reports about my little man.

2. Taylor Kitsch/Tim Riggins: Best thing to hit TV in a long time. I love Friday Night Lights, his character and mmmmm, just him! I am going through FNL withdrawal right now... How could you not think this guy is F-I-N-E, fine?!?!

3. Booking an Art Studio Tour trip with my mom in October. We're going to areas of Wisconsin I have never explored before. First up is the Fall Fresh Art Tour in towns along the Mississippi River like Stockholm and Lake Pepin and then we are heading a little farther east (but not too far) for the Falling Leaves Art Studio Tour in towns like Fairchild, Augusta and Fall Creek. Never heard of them? Not surprised, they are tiny! Well, you may have heard of Pepin because if you were a Little House On the Prairie nut (I was NOT.) it is where Laura Ingalls Wilder was born. Little factoid for you. I am really looking forward to hitting Abode in the town of Stockholm. My mom bought me a cool wall plaque from there last year for my birthday last month.

Art by Gail Pommerening

4. My paper order! Pretty papers came this evening and I can't wait to use them! I am in love with plaids, paisleys, and surfboards. Never been surfing but I am kind of obsessed with surfboards. For a long time, like 10 years... I know, I am weird. Love these that came- Oh the colors! :)

There you have it. My first Friday Love Series post. Happy weekend to you all! We have plans to do... NOTHING! Don't you love those weekends too?

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Tiffany said...

i love pretty paper--have a trunk full. now if only i had a trunk full of time so i could do something with all of it. :)