Saturday, January 10, 2009

A LOT of TV...

Some people know this about me, but I watch A LOT of TV. I don't know when I watch it (because I am usually in my office when it is on) but the DVR is on overload. I should probably get a job with TV Guide because I watch so much. Matt Roush (Critic for TV Guide) and I are TV soulmates. I tend to agree with most of the shows that he raves/rants about. I really like 'smart' comedies- huge fan of Arrested Development (can't wait for the movie- woohoo!). But a lot of the TV I get into is also pure drivel. I don't know why I bother to watch some shows anymore. I like a decent drama. I love HBO/SHO. I got really into True Blood. It is fantastic! Definitely one of my new favorite shows. Fall is not only my favorite time of the year because of the weather, fall leaves, apples and football, but also the new TV shows. I anxiously wait every Tuesday for the mail to come for my issue of TV Guide. It is the only magazine I read cover to cover. Because of the writers strike, the hot time for TV is mid season this year. Which means NOW. I have to make my list strategically of what I am going to DVR and what I am going to watch online (since not all shows are offered). It is really insane. Monday nights are just as good (if not better) than Thursday nights. Sunday is awesome for HBO/SHO. So these are the shows that I am dying for to come back: Big Love, Flight of the Conchords, Scrubs (thank you ABC for picking it up!), Lost, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! (one of my all time faves!) and Psych.

There are plenty of shows that I don't like to admit to watching like Gossip Girl (although it is SO addictive and Chace Crawford is SOOOO hot), True Beauty (I am not crazy about reality shows esp. b/c of the bickering and the fact that so many of the 'contestants' think they are so much better than most people), The Hills (yes, I watch it), The City, Bromance (shoot me now) and Secret Diary of a Call Girl (does that make me a bad person? Is that considered borderline porn? There isn't a lot of nudity in it, sex yes, nudity no. It really is fascinating...)

I know all the characters of all the shows that I watch. Like we'll take Desmond Harrington for example. Most of you are probably like, who? He is a supporting character. He popped up as Uncle Jack on Gossip Girl the other day and I racked my brain going through all the TV shows I have watched past and present to figure out what other show he was in. Aha! Dexter. He played Det. Quinn. It's the little things.

Shows I totally dig:
* New Adventures of Old Christine * Lost * Scrubs * Grey's Anatomy * Entourage * Bones * 30 Rock * Dexter * The Office * True Blood * Flight of the Conchords * Big Love * Samantha Who? * ER * How I Met Your Mother * Brothers & Sisters * Psych * Friday Night Lights * Desperate Housewives * Gossip Girl * Secret Diary of a Call Girl * Chuck * Greek * So You Think You Can Dance * My Boys *

Shows I still watch even though I am not head over heels for:
* Privileged * Reaper * Ugly Betty * My Name is Earl * Dancing with the Stars * Secret Life of the American Teenager * True Beauty * The Hills * The City * Bromance *

Isn't that A LOT of TV? When am I watching it? I still spend plenty of time blogging, reading others' blogs, working (if you can call what I do work) or rather creating, cooking, cleaning, spending time with AJ and Steve... I don't know. Call me crazy, call me a nut, call me anything you want, but don't call me late for the boob tube! Insane in the membrane!

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