Sunday, January 11, 2009

How I (and everybody else too) know I live with a toddler...

* My bathroom sinks are filled with clean, dry washcloths.
* Toilet paper finds its way all over the place (it is so much fun to unroll!).
* I have mysterious things in my toilets- one day socks, another day the whole roll of tp, etc...
* There are fingerprints all over every mirror, TV, window and glass thing in the house.
* The dishes in the dishwasher have been cleaned and recleaned and recleaned again b/c he keeps pushing the start button.
* Nothing breakable or of any value is lower than 5 feet.
* I hear 'uh-oh!' A LOT.
* My kitchen/dining room wood floors will need a sander to get the thick layer of food off of them.
* The kitchen pantry is always 'reorganized'.
* I can't see most of the basement floor because it is covered in toys.
* I have chocolate on almost every article of clothing I own. The pieces that don't, I haven't worn in two years.
* I tack on at least another $50 to the Sam's Club bill buying diapers and wipes.

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