Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Mantra

Melissa at Operation NICE asked us to do a mantra for 2009 a while back (like January 1st). I thought and thought about it but couldn't narrow down and focus on one (maybe my mantra should have been Focus??? :D). Finally, yesterday I thought of the mantra that I want: Be Kind. Rewind. I know it is a movie title and it was on every VHS tape that you rented from the video store (I worked in a video store for 3 years in HS!) but it doesn't so much mean that. Actually it does. I can have a short fuse and so I have to remember to be kind and rewind. It's just a way to calm down before doing something I might regret. And everyone can strive to be a little (or a lot) kinder.

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