Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I have been waiting and waiting for Friday Night Lights to come back on the air. It is one of my all time favorite shows. The acting and story lines are terrific (not to mention (I am actually mentioning it though...) the abs on Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). He's hot.) To save the critics' darling (a major reason why Matt Roush & I are TV soulmates), Direct TV struck some kind of deal with NBC to air the season in the fall and NBC would air it in the winter/spring. None of my friends watch the show that I know of, except for my buddy, Joe. And he has Direct TV. So he watched the season finale on Wednesday and I am watching the season premiere tonight. He called me yesterday for no other reason then to say 'Enjoy the season. It's a good one.' I tried to ask him questions but he didn't want to spoil it for me which I appreciated. I will relish every Friday night watching FNL (and Psych too which is pretty darn funny- especially for my age set b/c there are a lot of references to our childhood years)!

My friend, Kendra, was telling me one day recently that she always wanted to have a rock band in HS (even though she didn't play an instrument or sing) just to name it Fuzzy Wallpaper. I told her she should name her blog that...

I just received a call from our local grocery store's wine department... I can get my wine on! I had asked if they carried a particular wine a couple of weeks ago b/c I didn't see it on the shelf and the woman behind the counter didn't know but told me to leave a note for the manager with my phone number and the name of the wine. Apparently there were several bottles on the shelf and I just didn't see them. They have it though and I can go get myself (oh, I'll share it with the hubby) a couple of bottles. I wrote it down on our white board calendar about 9 mos ago when we had tried it (Five Rivers Cabernet) and if I wrote it down, I guess I liked it. Watch, I'll buy a couple bottles and it'll be awful. Your memory (drunk, probably) of a wine is always better than the actual wine. This has happened to us time and time again. We went to Wine, Cheese & All That Jazz (a local event) that is basically a wine tasting party (really fun too!) and we ordered a half case of 2 different wines. Much better that night than they actually are. They were 2 of the last wines we tried and we had tried quite a few by then. Everything tastes good then. Except in the case of Jordan Cabernet or Chardonnay. Then it is always good. :)

Well I must have eagle ears (do eagles have ears?)... I just heard my cell phone beep (low battery) from my office behind a closed door which was buried in my diaper bag in the coat closet near the garage. Go figure.

Okay, enough random babbling. I need to get an order finished.

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