Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magazine Obsession

I have always had a small obsession with magazines. Okay, it's not really small. It's big. Really big. What's worse is that I feel compelled to look through all of them. I don't have time to read most of them so I keep them. And I have stacks of them. I moved them. Why? Because I didn't have a chance to look through that issue of Parents magazine from December 2007 and there might be something helpful in it. It is probably more of a compulsion actually. So on top of all those magazines, I also cut out articles and recipes and what not that I may use later. I have boxes full of unorganized file folders and papers that I can't seem to find anything in anyway. I have been working really hard to eliminate the stacks of magazines this past few weeks and organize the recipes and crafts that I may actually make. My husband thinks I am crazy. He thinks I should just throw the magazine away and not cut anything out... well honey, then you wouldn't have been able to try those 8 new dishes that I have made in the last 4 weeks. They came from those magazines. I have to find my favorites. In my lifetime, with the amount of recipes that I have, I will not be able to make everything. Not even close. So I am only cutting out lower calorie dishes that contain only ingredients that I like. I am going through the other already cut out things and being more realistic... will I make that?

What is totally annoying though is that as I am trying to unbury myself from the stacks, I continue to receive magazines in the mail that I didn't even subscribe to! Martha Stewart Living- where did you come from and why are you in my mailbox? I like to cook comfort food and hers is too high in fat or froofy stuff that I'll eat in a restaurant rather than at home where in northcentral Wisconsin you can't even find half the ingredients... I received Ready Made today. Never heard of it and don't have any idea where it came from. Better Homes and Gardens is decent, I used to subscribe, but out of sight, out of mind. Now I got a gift subscription from someone for Christmas. Parents and Family Fun I got because of a donation phone call to Special Olympics (I can't pass up anything from SO...). I love Family Fun but I don't read Parents. I have discovered that I am appalled at how many calories and grams of fat are in the dishes from Cuisine. Never thought much about it before. Another gift subscription that I think I will cancel. (Sorry Mom!!) I will keep Cooking Light because I find the most recipes that I make from there. I recently let a few go by the wayside so my mailbox isn't quite as full- Adoptive Families (while helpful, I just didn't read it) and BeadStyle (not making enough jewelry to justify it). Getting cancelled are Cuisine and Parents. I have to start holding back from buying issues of anything and everything at B&N. Especially cooking magazines. I just think about that big mess in the corner (all of it is confined to that corner actually) of our unfinished media (or what is supposed to be that- I'll post later about what it is probably going to be!) room. I will continue to organize it until it is in nice, neat binders and ready to peruse. I will continue to piss off my recycling guy with the heavy paper bags filled with magazines until it is all done and gone out of there. Soon. And as I receive a magazine it will be looked through immediately and any recipes and crafts will be filed away in their places right away to avoid the colossal mess I have had for the last, um, 15 years of my life. Yeah, it's been that long. It's time it came to an end.

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