Sunday, February 14, 2010

How I know I live with a toddler (Part 9)...

This edition comes with plenty of photos to document that I don't make this stuff up! :) My kid is weird. But very sweet and imaginative. :)

* Instead of the wolfman on a full moon, I get a scary, out of whack toddler.
* I get to wrestle, log roll & just be silly anytime that I want.
* I break out in song and dance in very random places. In the past couple of weeks, I have heard some bad mid-90s music that I couldn't help singing along to in places like the grocery store, the pool (the aerobics that is being taught in the pool next to where he has swimming lessons needs a serious update- Ghostbusters plays every week!!), amongst others. Sugar Ray, anyone?
* Hug=carry me. My back is killing me.

* He sets up chairs for his audience- his dog, Pound Cake and bear, Snowflake. He does this for his trampoline jumping, piano concerts and bowling.

* He is constantly asking me to take his picture. And this dumb trampoline took me and the hubby 3+ hours to put together. I am wating for it to just collapse.

* He gets so excited when a package comes. This one happened to be from Gymboree and he liked all the shirts so much that he just kept putting them on. He is wearing 4 here. And he threw the packaging all over the floor...

* I was cutting owls out for a card at a TV tray table and he decided he wanted to help so he pulled up 2 chairs (one for him and one for Pound Cake) and I gave him his scissors and that little pad of paper and he went to town. 'Take a picture of AJ, mama!'

* Apparently Pound Cake is the Handsome Little Devil... The other day, he wanted to clean (with wipes) Pound Cake and put a diaper on him. He did very well. Of course I didn't get a picture of that since the camera was downstairs and we were upstairs.

* This, I can't explain. All these bags were flat, in another bag in the laundry room. While I was making dinner, he put a roll of paper towels in each bag and carried them out to the kitchen. He spent 45 minutes playing with them before dinner and then after dinner he brought them out by the front door and played with them for another 45 minutes. It was all very organized and concise. I have no idea what he was doing though.

* He wanted to add flashing lights to his pickup truck. Blocks will do. Very creative! :)

* Okay, this was fingerpainting gone wrong. He had a little bit of paint in his hair so I told him to stay where he was so I could go get the camera downstairs. When I came back- maybe a minute later- this is what I was looking at. I encourage it, I think, because I laugh. The painting is super cool though. Anyway, I am looking forward to that call in the fall when I have to go pick up my son at preschool because he's done something like this. Maybe he can just audition for the Toddler Blue Man Group...

* Recently he whipped up a pot of Alphabet Stew with all his letter magnets in a big pot. He told daddy that's what we were having for dinner that night.
* He LOVES glitter. A little too much... It's sparkly in our house.
* He was taking my hair and pushing it all over my face (so basically the front looked like the back...) and he was saying, "Moustache!" More like hairy scary monster...
* He makes Abby Cadabby and Elmo kiss (more like make out) in Barnes & Noble.
* There is a difference between your, my and our kid. It's my kid when I am alone and he's doing something wonderful or not so wonderful, it's your kid when you are speaking to the hubby and he has done something not so wonderful and it's our kid when again he is doing something wonderful and you are with your spouse. Example: At playgroup and he spills the paint- "Oh geez, that's my kid.", on the phone with my hubby- "You won't believe what your kid did today. He smeered paint (or worse- poop- then he is definitely a your kid!!) in his hair." At church as a family- "Look at how well behaved our son is."
* He never goes easy on the ranch dressing. You have a little on your chin...

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Who needs toys with paper bags and paper towels? ;)