Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Bada Bing Panini

I don't have a picture of what should become my famous sandwich but I will tell you that it is damn good. It is inspired by one of my favorite restaurants in Wausau, Red Eye Brewing Company. My sandwich isn't really like theirs (Chicken Soprano) though, just inspired by. So I present you the recipe for the Bada Bing Panini...

*Two slices artisan French bread (I like La Brea French Bread for it)
*Basil Pesto (any kind you like will do, I like Sauces n' Love's or another that I can't remember the name of...)
*Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (my fave is Delallo, it is generally found by the pasta sauces in the supermarket)
*Fresh Mozzarella, 2-3 slices
*Turkey Pepperoni, 5-6 slices(I cannot tell the difference taste wise between regular pepperoni and turkey. There is a lot less fat and grease though with turkey pepperoni!!)
*Garlic Salt
*Rosemary, dried or fresh
*Pam Butter Spray

Warm up your panini maker (or pan, whatever). Spray one side of each slice of the bread with the Pam, spread the 2 different pestos on, throw the pepperoni on next, cover the pepperoni with the mozarella cheese and sprinkle a little garlic salt and rosemary onto the mozzarella. Grill it in a pan (flip too if needed) or in your panini maker until the cheese is melted. Enjoy!! Yum...

So I know it isn't low fat but I did make it lower in fat than what you would get in a restaurant (but nobody's servin the Bada Bing cuz I have never seen it before anywhere and since it is my creation) by using the turkey pepperoni and the Pam. And can I just say that my panini maker was one of the best gifts I ever bought for myself from my husband and son for Mother's Day!! I make everything in that- quesadillas, grilled cheesers...

Make them tonight for dinner, I know you'll relish every bite!


Mel said...

That sounds good! Sean would like it, for sure.

Carol said...

Sounds yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog (artmusedog) ~ #285 ~ Hope you win!

Living "with a toddler" builds character! :)