Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How I know I live with a Toddler Tuesday...

I decided to break up the 'How I know I live with a Toddler' posts into one item every Tuesday to keep them shorter and to make them more frequent.
There's my little guy after the whole Toddler Blue Man Group debacle post bath. I don't have pictures of all the funny things he does but I'll at least try to post a picture with each item. He is full of adorable, well meaning mischief!
So last week we went out for dinner at one of our favorite places, The Great Dane, and we had to wait for our table so we waited in this cozy little area in the bar. AJ was so interested in a father and son playing pool. We explained that when he was older he could play too but not now. While Steve was paying the bill, AJ & I went over to some people playing pool and asked if we could watch them for awhile. Sure. I tried to explain the game the best I could to AJ while we watched. The other day he has a oval shaped train track upstairs and he had a golf ball in the middle and a drumstick in his hand and was playing his own version of pool... I showed him how to (kinda) hold the stick and he just had a ball! You have to start some way, right?

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