Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ahoy Mateys!

Ahoy! Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day. My neighbors, John & Nancy, had a party to celebrate it. We were broken up into teams for a treasure hunt around Mosinee. Everyone was dressed like pirates and we had a list of about 10 bajillion things that we had to take photos of, beg, borrow or steal items, ask questions of people (mostly strangers, well actually we were the strangers- a bunch of goofballs dressed up like pirates! The other people were just everyday, normally dressed citizens.) and odd things we just had to do. Everything was worth different points and bonus points were rewarded under special circumstances. Also the 5 page list of items was NOT neatly arranged. No, there were several things at certain bars and other places along the highways that were strewn about throughout the list to make it harder. I went by myself since Steve was at the Badger game in Madison and I didn't know anyone there. Even the hosts I didn't know too well. But I had an absolute blast and guess what? My team took the booty back to our vessel! That's right. My team won. Shiver me timbers! Here are some funny photos throughout the day...

My team consisted of Rob (Captain Bob Greasypalms), Linda (I can't remember her pirate name but it had Lindsey in it) & me (Helga the Well Tanned). We had to have our flag in every picture. Here we are riding a Harley for sale at some random person's house. Then we made her walk the plank (in her garden...)!

I think this picture of Rob behind the tree is so funny. I kept telling him that he didn't need to get right next to the items... I have a mega zoom on my lens. We needed a brush pile and oh look, there's a big one!

Find the place that has a metal pole, a strobe light and is not a strip club then get a stranger to get in the picture of your entire crew wearing a piece of pirate garb. I'm glad Rob & Linda knew where these places were and had been to them because I hadn't even heard of them! There were several items at Half Moon Bar like what root beer is on tap (1919) and take a photo of the fly deterrent (a Ziploc bag of pennies in water hanging above the door- I have no idea what the heck that means but I know it doesn't work!).

At Hammer Down we met up with our hosts and freaked out all the people in the bar as 3 crews of pirates came in... We had to test our wisdom (a puzzle) and strength (the beanbag game Criss Cross from our youth although you didn't have to be very strong...) and find some more things here- the above pic is: Have one crew member get down on all fours and have another sit on their back in front of a fan blowing the wind in their hair... The fan is on but you can't really tell that it is blowing. Some other things in there were a photo of an elk, Brett Farve in a Camo hat and to get a aerial photo with a 'good for a free drink' on it (their business card...). Arrrrrgh. On the list was a photo of someone getting a body shot (extra points for a stranger) but I am not posting that picture on here (although it is funny!).

Entire crew in a cornfield

Round hay bales. We were walking around this guy's property (ok, trespassing) just hoping we wouldn't get shot.

All the crew members sitting on a tractor. We were sitting on the wheel and I am in the picture if only it is the side of my face! Same farm as above.

Linda rockin' some 3D glasses at Shang Garden. These were planted there.

All crew members and owner on a Harley. He was so sweet! Can I just say that my camera is not the best for taking pictures at arm length since it is so big and heavy!

One of about 10 picture attempts of us getting a picture of all 3 of our faces and roadkill (a raccoon). Got the three faces but where is the raccoon? Plus, it is 8 PM, pitch black and we are on the side of a rural highway with cars speeding past... probably not so smart. That thing REEKED! Some women in Shang Garden told us exactly where this raccoon was (turn left out of the bar and it is on the left after the 2nd hill). Are you kidding me? You remember where this stuff is? We drove past and came back again and I just happened to spot it. We were using the flash on the camera to light the way out there since we pulled off like 100 yards away from it. John & Nancy saw the car on the side of the road with the headlights and flashers on and wondered what was wrong with the people then saw a few pirates on the side of the road and just laughed. The only other crew that got that one (worth 500 points) got it of a coyote! What are the chances.

We had to get our entire crew by 79 Rescue 1 with 1 fireman. Bonus points were rewarded for each additional fireperson. The fire department was awesome! They were finding all sorts of stuff on our list. We even got a naked mannequin (well, dummy) there! They brought out the dummy (175 lbs) they use to practice rescues and took his shirt off (it was too hard to get his pants off but they wondered if this was the anatomically correct one...) and then we just threw our flag over his pants. I think we made their night! There aren't too many fires in Rib Mountain. They were having fun. As were we. :)