Saturday, September 12, 2009


I love looking at cool photography. It is even better when you know the photographer or the subject! I happen to know these 3 extremely talented people who also take pictures for a living. Now I do know a number of other photographers but these 3 are my favorites lately. They take pictures of families and weddings and one is a fashion photog as well. I have their links on the sidebar so maybe you've already checked them out but if you haven't yet... do!

Craig Stodola of Craig John Photography is out of Milwaukee, WI and shoots weddings and families all over Wisconsin and in Chicago. His blog is amazing but only shows his awesome wedding and engagement photos. He is very personable which I love. The way I found him was when he took a picture of my family without us knowing it. We were at the UW Madison Spring Football Game. He was asked to take pictures at the game. His perception of the game from a wedding photographer pov was very interesting- family centered. Someone recognized my husband on a Badger fansite that he had posted the pictures to and pointed us in the direction of his blog. Since then I am a regular visitor to his blog, Facebook friends with him (I thought maybe he'd have a fan site on FB but he doesn't) and sometime soon he's going to really take picures of my family while we are paying attention! Look at his blog though- it is fabulous!

Micheael Creagh is the man behind New York based Michael Creagh Photography and High Art Wedding Photography. He is a fashion photographer and wedding photographer. His work is SO creative and artistic. He is also a high school friend. He took some amazing photos of another high school friend who may be familiar to other people, Emily Bergl. Emily starred in ABC's Men in Trees as Annie before it was cut. I loved that show. Now she is on NBC's Southland as a jealous wife or girlfriend. Anyway, check him out he is fantastic!!

Serena Boggs is the lovely lady behind Serena Dawn Boggs Photography in Wake Forest, NC. Also, a high school friend, Serena takes these magical photos that inspire the imagination. She mostly takes family photos. I wish that you could see some of the photos on her FB page of her own kids and family. They are so spectacular. There is one particular picture of her 3 girls from the knees down sitting on a bed with these colorful socks- it is so cool! Her photos though are fun and amazing and I wish she lived closer so that I could hire her to do her magic on my family!

So I strongly encourage you to check out these photogs and if you live in their area- hire them! :)

Side note: I did an entire post about photographers and there are no photos! I didn't want to copy them off their sites because that is their artwork...

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serena dawn boggs said...

you are way too kind to share your sweet words and throwing me in with such great artists :)

looking forward to your blog posts. love the creative name!