Sunday, September 13, 2009

How I know I live with a toddler (Part 6)...

* When we don't want to be in the dark we are or ALL the lights in the house are on! Oh, the joys of discovering he can flip a light switch whenever he wants...
* Another thing he has now discovered is the door locks... uh-oh. If he doesn't want us in the bathroom we don't get to go in the bathroom.
* He can now get into all the upper drawers. I am going to have to install some more drawer locks.
* He gave up on the toilets for a long time but now that he is starting to get interested in potty training the obsession is back. This time it is just toilet paper or tissues however they can cause a BIG mess if too much is put in the toilet! Luckily, he can't push down the flusher!!
* He's got a mouth like a sailor... clock drops the L, shirt drops the R, frog comes out sounding like the F-bomb a lot. Thank goodness he doesn't actually say any swear words intentionally!
* I am afraid he is going to flood the kitchen using the refrigerator water dispenser! My inlaws have a lock on theirs- they all really should (how smart is that) but ours doesn't. I am trying to remember to turn it to ice cube so if he does push it (often) an ice cube will come out, maybe bonk him on the head and then he'll learn not to push that button!
* He always wants to help water the plants which really involves him getting soaked.
* We have discovererd him eating his toothpaste twice. It is now in our bathroom on a high shelf. Thank goodness it wasn't ours or they would know us personally at Poison Control.
* I have walked into a mountain of wipes or tissues in his room more than a handful of times.

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