Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fairies, fairies and more fairies!

So here are a few of my favorite fairy finds!

Halloween 2000. I went as a forest fairy to bartend at the restaurant that my family used to own and run. Halloween was big there. Very big. Of course the costume was handmade! My mom and I whipped this up!

I bought these wings on etsy a couple of weeks ago. Aren't they gorgeous?? They are made by Chase at Dual Fantasy Studios. She has tons of beautiful wings in her shop!

These are some fairy friends that were purchased from Princess Nimble Thimble on etsy. I could not resist these adorable little bendy dolls! The fairies left them for AJ (the brown shirt), my niece, Adreanna (purple dress), moi (pink dress) and my nephew, Parker (blue shirt). Boy, those fairies sure are sweet! Darling!
This is a fairy garden made in a whiskey barrel planter by the lovely lady over at The Magic Onions. So cute (although she was complaining that it was mostly dead! There's a better picture on her blog.)! I have to make one of these pronto! My fairy garden is for big people... She also has a very cute blog and etsy shop. Lots of fairies there!

The flash caught this girlie! A to-die-for die for the fairy lover from QuicKutz!

This was the fairy that I bought a couple of years ago and looked for the woman on Saturday at the art fair that no longer makes them. :( Glad I got one when I did! :)

My mom is the talented woman behind this snow fairy! She has even taught a class in how-to make them.

This fairy is similar to my Halloween costume... Again, my mom! She is so talented!

A petal fairy that I made. These were the fairies that we made at the fairy party in August.

And the fairy house at my parents house that my brother made. You can see that the fairies left some friends for the kids as well as some notes & dust. I didn't get a chance to make mine this summer but I have time yet! Summer isn't officially over until next week!


Mel said...

So, what started the fairy fascination? The petal fairy is very cute! And you and you mom are so creative with the costume!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love love love the petal fairy!