Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fairy Party!

Before school started I had my niece, Adreanna, her friend, Reilly, and my friend Olivia, over for a fairy party. We made fairy crafts, searched for fairy notes and treasures and ate fairy food of course! It was cold and rainy outside (I was so bummed) so it was inside but we all still had fun. The girls all had on their fairy wings when they arrived but mine were the only ones that stayed on through the whole party. I have since gotten a new pair (they are gorgeous!) that I will post about later. Shine some light on an etsy artist!

The invitation... This is a matchbook style card. The toadstool mushroom and the itty bitty fairy both have glitter embellishment.

Adreanna made all sorts of posters for the fairy party throughout the summer. This one is my favorite- of course- because of the stars.

The hostess. :) I didn't get as many pictures throughout the day as I would have liked. Especially since I am taking this picture of myself!

The magic star wands the fairies left for the girls during their scavenger hunt. The fairies are always stealing my supplies- they have a field day in my studio. It is always a mess after they leave too. I need the clean up fairies to come with the crafty fairies. ;)

These signs hung on the back of the girls chairs. I made them with double sided sticky letters that you pour glitter on and fairy stickers. Not too hard...

The banister was decorated with all different sized tissue paper flowers that Adreanna and I made other times she visited during the summer.

The toadstool cupcakes that I made. Nothing fancy- box cake mix and canned frosting tinted pink. To make the spots I used white chocolate chips. The fairies added some pink sparkles into the cake and fairy dust to the top before they were served.

The girls making petal fairies. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the finished fairies... Boo! They also made fairy boxes. We didn't get to the fairy ornaments. Bummer!

The girls saw the camera coming this time... being goofy!

Adreanna and Reilly loaded with all their fairy goodness!

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