Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super AJ!

First, I have to say Happy Birthday to my very special little boy, AJ, today! He turned 3. He's such a sweetie pie. I love him dearly. We are having a small party (3 friends) over today for pizza and a playdate... maybe. My baby has a cold and hopefully he won't be so bad that he can't have his friends over. He still has plenty of energy! I will do a post about all the special birthday treats that I made for the party (I tend to go overboard according to my husband but this is the stuff I live for and like doing!). We weren't going to have a party since almost all of our family is out of town but then I was hanging out with 2 of my friends one Sunday and we were trying to get a date to get together and I just decided to do it so that we could all be together again. The 3 friends that are coming over used to be our playdate bunch and then life kinda got in the way. One moved, one of the kids started preschool and we just don't get together like we used to. So thus the party... An excuse to get together and then I also get to make some cute paper things!

But this post isn't about AJ's party. That's another post, for another time. This one is about Super AJ! My mom and I were at the One of a Kind Art & Gift Show in Chicago in December (I know, I know, I still need to blog about that too!! Now I can since all have received their gifts...) and I spied these adorable towel wraps by Wonder Kids and my mom said she could definitely make it. So she did. Saved me about $30! They sell for $38 and I bought a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth at Target for about $8. They are really thick and soft and they had so many bright colors to choose from. Don't worry, I didn't really rip off Wonder Kids idea. Well, I did, but Martha Stewart was making superhero cape towels almost identical on her show one day with a tutorial so... Anyway, this is the one my mom made for AJ.

He's under the weather in these pictures so that's why his eyes are a little tired and puffy.

Didn't it turn out super cute? I just love it and it is perfect for swimming lessons because of the button in front so he doesn't trip all over his towel. Thanks Mom!! :)


serena dawn boggs said...

you are such a fun momma <3 i am sure his day was marvelous! xo

Mel said...

I'm sure this looks great if I could actually see it. I can get onto blogger now, but I can't see images. Boo! :(