Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I know I live with toddler Tuesday

So, did you read Monday's post about the cupcakes? This happened on Monday afternoon... I was downstairs cleaning up AJ's mess (really I was filtering through his toys getting rid of some and moving some of the 'baby' toys to a different room) while AJ was upstairs doing something else. After a few minutes of him upstairs and me downstairs, he starts coming down the steps with a ring of chocolate around his mouth, yelling "Mama!" He took the Tupperware container with the 6 or 7 leftover cupcakes in it and proceeded to stick his face in it and eat the top of the cupcakes as if he were eating out of a trough or bobbing for apples. Hello? Where are your manners kid? Why are you eating like you are in a pie eating competition where you can't use your hands? I don't get it. I am probably encouraging the behavior to continue by taking pictures of it... but oh well. It was funny. He is an interesting character.

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