Friday, March 5, 2010

Bunny Hop Swap

I am all for something fun like this Bunny Hop Swap from Life from Pippy's Perspective... It is a totally awesome way to get to know other bloggers and score an Easter basket from your swap buddy!! I don't know about you but I don't get an Easter basket from that Bunny who leaves them for all the kidlets so I am pro-Bunny Hop Swap. Deadline to sign up to send an Easter Basket to another blogger and get one in return is March 15th. Pippy will then match you with a swap buddy and send you their email address so you can get their address. Then baskets have to be sent by March 31st so that your buddy gets hers by April 4th (Easter). You get to fill your basket with all the little stuff you love like nail polish, lotion, notecards, muffins, whatever small fun stuff you want. Do you think my buddy will at least get some notecards? I think there will be quite a few handmade (and maybe homemade) items in the basket I send. Hmmmm...

Honestly, this comes at a bad time because I have a million and five things to do BUT I am still going to do it because I LOVE this stuff! Go sign up now!! Maybe WE'LL be buddies! :)

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