Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Playlist! Woo hoo!

Love new music! This playlist has a few older songs on it as well as new ones... Enjoy!

Jason Myles Goss
Bon Iver

  1. Bubble Toes/Express Yourself (Live)- Jack Johnson
  2. No Reason- All Night Chemists
  3. Miss Magnolia- Matt Costa
  4. Angeles- Elliott Smith
  5. Black River Killer- Blitzen Trapper
  6. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)- John Lennon
  7. Where Does the Good Go- Tegan and Sara
  8. Hallelujah- Justin Timberlake featuring Charlie Sexton
  9. Constellations (Live)- Jack Johnson with Eddie Vedder
  10. Get Away- O.A.R.
  11. Twilight Serenade- Jason Myles Goss
  12. Woods- Bon Iver
  13. Honey, Let Me Sing You a Song- Matt Hires
  14. A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
  15. Golden Train- Justin Nozuka
  16. Hotel Song- Regina Spektor
  17. Hold On, I'm Coming- Sam & Dave
  18. To Be Alone With You- Sufjan Stevens
  19. Behind the Moon- Matt Costa
  20. What You Thought You Need (Live)- Jack Johnson
  21. Redemption Song- Bob Marley

If you take anything away from this playlist let it be Jason Myles Goss' Twilight Serenade. I love it times a thousand! 14-17 were put on this playlist because I needed to make room on the last one, seen here. That one was just too long to fit on a CD. Bon Iver's Skinny Love and Flume are better than the haunting Woods, but I already have those two on other playlists. And the lead singer (and his manager brother) is from Eau Claire, WI so that makes him even better. Angeles has been on my radar for a few years but I always forget to download it. Tell me that O.A.R. doesn't sound very similar to Dave Matthews Band. I am actually talking about the 'Band' part of DMB... Crazy! Hallelujah is beautifully sung by JT and it rivals my favorite version by Jeff Buckley. Hope you all enjoy the new music!

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