Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SYTYCD: Weeks 3, 4 & 5

I know I am behind but I had a really busy three weeks and now tomorrow S & I leave for Vegas... Steve gave me a trip to Vegas for my birthday for this weekend (my bday was July 2nd and with the 4th... obviously it makes more sense to go the weekend after) that he has been planning since March!! This is his biggest surprise since he propsed to me 9 years ago. He had his sister pay for it since he knew I'd see the credit card bill and arranged babysitting for AJ with my parents... Crafty boy. Plus if just going to Vegas weren't enough, he snuck in a spa package for me at Bellagio for Friday morning. Say it with me... "Awwwwww. He's so sweet!!" I know. I lucked out.

Anyway, back to SYTYCD!! Did I mention that I watch the dances twice? Sometimes even 3 times... I'd love to get all the seasons on DVD just to watch the dancers evolve again. Hmmmm, wonder what those kids are doing these days from seasons 1-4...

Week 3:
Melissa & Ade, Brandon & Janette and Randi & Evan were my favorites from this week. Melissa & Ade did a fabulous Rhumba. It was hot and sexy. Usually I don't like the rhumba (I don't like it on DWTS anyway...) but SYTYCD has more freedom and is allowed lifts so it makes it so much better. M&A have awesome chemistry as do Brandon & Janette who did a super fun hip hop routine from David Scott. It was fresh & just plain slammin'. Randi & Evan's 'butt dance' choreographed by Mia Michaels was SO, SO cute. It was a really fun piece! Kupono & Kayla's Viennese Waltz was very pretty and elegant too. The other dances didn't do much for me. The Thursday night results show always has a dance by the whole group and this one was HOT, HOT, HOT!! I loved it. That was actually my favorite dance of week 3. Jonathan & Asuka were voted off. Shucks. Not really. I'm not sad.

Week 4:
Cat Deely (the host) looked so adorable in her super cute hot pink frock. She can pull ANYTHING off. Again Melissa & Ade and Brandon & Janette had my favorite routines. Do you see a pattern with me? I love these 4. I am bummed for week 6 when the partners split. Melissa & Ade did a classical ballet. Melissa is a ballet dancer and I think they did this on purpose to have it featured on the show since you can't just give someone classical ballet and expect them to do anything with it. Both danced beautifully in the Romeo & Juliet piece. Simply gorgeous. Brandon & Janette's Cha Cha was banging. I think Brandon can do it all but Janette is right there with him. When she tried out she did this split kick in the air upside down that was un-freaking-believable! She is a hot tamale. I also liked Vitolio & Karla's Quick Step to Puttin' on the Ritz and Randi & Evan's Broadway piece. It was kind of a shame to see Vitolio and Karla go after doing that piece because after the freakin' bizzaro alien piece that Caitlin & Jason did I thought they would at least be in the bottom 3 but they weren't. Weird. Although out of the 3, V&K were the ones I would've picked. Thursday's group Broadway piece was fun too.

Week 5:
Two dances per couple!!! Oh yeah!! Tonight was awesome! Cat looked so cute. Her dress (and hair and lipstick I might add) looked great on her. What doesn't though? Brandon & Janette were my clear faves with Melissa & Ade coming in second. Power couples... But all the dances were good. Melissa & Ade did a Disco that was Dyn-o-mite! and a waltz that was beautiful. Kupono and Kayla did a contemporary piece about addiction that was super intense and a Broadway West Side Story piece that was decent. Caitlin & Jason did a GREAT foxtrot and a lyrical jazz piece that I really liked. Phillip & Jeanine's Russian Folk Dance was good for what they got- but not my shot of Vodka. I think the judges (except for Tyce who said exactly what I am saying) were a little harsh on them b/c they didn't like the style of dance not the way it was danced. So obviously don't hire the Russian folk choreographers again if you don't like their cabbage. But P&J's jive? AWESOME! They did it well. Fun & flirty. Randi & Evan's hip hop dance totally suited them- clean cut and not urban. Their samba was good. And finally Brandon & Janette. Hot damn. They were somethin' fierce tonight. Their Argentine Tango was superb. Sexy and just plain hot. And their jazz piece by Wade Robson (God of dance...) AMAZING! And done to one of my all time faves- Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy (I love Roisin Murphy!!!)! Yay! Such a fun and cool piece. That may be my favorite of the season so far... I am very curious to see who goes home tomorrow night but I'll be in Vegas so I'll let my DVR do the work and find out on Sunday...

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