Friday, July 24, 2009

The Watcher In the Woods

I was on Barnes & Noble's website looking for the cover art for In the Woods by Tana French when I saw The Watcher in the Woods DVD. Have you ever seen this movie? It used to freak me out when I was a kid but we still watched it over and over and over and pretended that she was coming to get us in the very small 'woods' behind my neighbor's house. I caught it on HBO or SHO a few months back and was horrified by how bad it was. Why was I so compelled by this movie? I have no idea but some of the TV shows that we watched in the early eighties were pretty bad as well. Remember Small Wonder with the weird 'robotic' girl or Rags to Riches? What were some of your favorite more obscure (in that we never hear about them anymore!) TV shows? I know I was also a fan of V which is being redone but I don't think I'll watch it this time around. (Poochie, anyone?) Oh the corniness of the eighties! :)


Mel said...

OMG! I loved The Watcher in the Woods! My how far special effects have come! Rags to
Riches was awesome!

Kendra said...

oh my goodness, I loved Small Wonder, so many people don't remember that show! And so you remember the Land of the Lost? Horrible graphics!!! They've been showing episodes on SciFi of it lately, I love watching them!