Saturday, July 25, 2009

SYTYCD Weeks 5, 6 & 7

I still can't believe how good SYTYCD has been this summer. The couples are just fantastic. So week 5 had Ade & Melissa in the bottom! After their great disco and waltz!! I was disappointed to see that but neither went home so it was ok. Ade's 'dance for your life' solo was phenomenal! So I was happy to see that. He just always looks so joyful when he is dancing. He has a gorgeous smile that just lights up the room. And the Seven Nation Army (by The White Stripes) group piece was pretty good. Caitlin and Phillip ended up leaving. BUT they still get to go on tour with the Top 10 which I thought was a nice enough prize as long as Caitlin & Jason don't end up doing that stupid alien dance. I did see the end of the show while we were in Vegas since we were in pretty early because of the time difference so I knew who went home.

Week 6:
The Top 10! New Partners! I have said that my favorite partners were Melissa & Ade and Brandon & Janette from the beginning... well tonight they just ended up switching! I still get my fave 4 together! The 5 girls started the night with a Bollywood dance that was fantastic. I am really digging the fact that they have brought Bollywood onto the show. Kayla & Evan did a respectable Vienesse waltz despite their height difference. Well, Evan wore heels and Kayla was barefoot (with a jewelled strap top thing that made it look like she had shoes on). I really did think it was beautiful. Evan makes lifts look effortless even though he is short and doesn't seem to be super muscular but I guess he's strong. Brandon's solo was fabulous! He had the best solo of the evening. Ade & Janette did a super cool and funky hip hop number. That was my second favorite of the night. Both of them just look great no matter what style they are doing. Jason & Jeanine were next with my favorite number of the night choreographed by Travis from Season 2. It was a contemporary piece to If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz and man, oh man, it was SO passionate and so believable that I wondered if they had a relationship off stage (which I don't think they have time for...). Kupono & Randi's Paso Doble was awful. I didn't like it one bit. And as a result they went home on Thursday. Melissa and Brandon's Aquarius piece was great. Brandon is so strong and athletic that it just astounds me. At one point he did a move that was a forward roll into a standing straddle on the balls of his feet that I had to watch over and over because it was amazing. The boys did an African dance that was high energy and exhausting to watch! It was fantastic! On Thursday they did a group Asian fusion number that was good. That's it for week 6!

Week 7:
Ellen was a guest judge tonight and was adorable as ever! I love her. She's funny. They opened the show with the glowing contemporary fusion group dance choreographed by Season 2's Travis. Great! I was digging the glowy things they were wearing!! Evan & Janette were up first and did a jazz piece that was fun. They followed up with a rhumba that was ok except for the 'thread the needle' move that was really cool. Janette is a firecracker. Nigel said something dumb about Evan's eyelids being heavy which I believe made the audience rally back and vote for him. He should have gone home on Thursday but he didn't and he wasn't even in the bottom 2! Nigel, FYI, you can't change your freaking eyelids so don't rag on Evan's- they had NOTHING to do with the dance! He's not 'sexy' and you can't change that either. He's got a fan base regardless. But Janette, even though she was excellent in both dances (Evan brought her down...) ended up going home which was such a shame. Brandon & Jeanine were paired together for a really S-L-O-W waltz. It was good but what was that choreographer thinking? Is he trying to send them home? The song was snooze inducing. It had nice controlled lifts though. Then they had a pop jazz piece that was excellent. Again, Brandon has this really athletic way to him and did especially awesome. But HE ended up in the bottom 2 (but didn't go home!) on Thursday. Ade & Melissa were back together again! Yay! Although, Eeeek!, their first dance a cha cha wasn't very good but I liked the end move. I was scared they'd be in the bottom since they were the last 2 weeks... until their next piece which was SO beautiful and after that anyone would have to be crazy NOT to vote for them. Tyce choreographed a number about breast cancer and it was so moving and emotional that the whole audience and all the judges were crying. M&A were the absolute right couple to dance it. The lifts (or should I say catches?) were so trusting of each other. Melissa jumped into Ade's arms from a distance away that could have gone horribly wrong but because of the trust it was amazing and flawless. Kayla & Jason did really well tonight together (too bad Jason went home on Thursday). Their first dance was Broadway and was VERY good as was their zombie hip hop. So cool. As far as solos, Ade and Jeanine's really stood out as being excellent. Jeanine chose Let the Drummer Kick by Citizen Copeand had really controlled movement to the music which was really cool. On Thursday they did a group piece to One from Chorus Line that was good. They also broght back a few Emmy winning dances from a couple of other seasons. The Bench (Travis & Heidi- Season 2), Ramalama (Wade Robson's group number from season 2) and The Hummingbird and the Flower (Huk & Jamie (I couldn't remember her name in an earlier post!)- Season 3). Yay! I loved all 3 of those dances so it was fun to see them again! Katie Holmes also performed? Not sure what the heck they were talking about... It was a televised performance- I thought she was going to be on the SYTYCD stage. That was my impression. Anyway, she sucked. Boo!

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