Sunday, April 12, 2009

How I know I live with a toddler (part 5)...

* I eat like a 5 year old 5 of the 7 days of the week. My diet consists of grilled cheese, mac & cheese (he doesn't even like this so why am I making it?), peanut butter & jelly and pizza.
* All the 'sticky' child locks that are supposed to last (they are $8 a piece!) have all failed (they have only been on the cabinets for less then 6 mos- c'mon!) from the constant tugging and I have had to resort to screwing them in. The screws almost went through the front of the cabinet door...
* There is always a tissue in one of the loads of laundry per week. Picking out tissue from all over your clothes is a pain in the junk trunk.
* Speaking of laundry... when it is folded neatly and in piles on the couch or in the basket it somehow always ends up not folded on the floor or the socks are pulled apart (that's fun) all over the living room.
* An entire box of cereal has been dumped out onto the kitchen floor and I have scooped it back up and eaten it. Good thing my floor was semi-clean.
* I have tried to give a time out in a shopping cart. No, it didn't work.
* The other day he unrolled an entire roll (yes, it was a new roll) of toilet paper and threw it in the garbage. At least we have moved on from the toilets...
* Yes, he is dumping the yellow dye out intentionally in the above picture. And, yes, it was a mess. But it could have been worse.

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