Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nicole Googles Nicole...

Ok, here's how it works...go to Google and type your first name and then the rest of the question. Type the first thing that corresponds. These can get a little wild!

1. Google ''[your name] needs'':
Nicole needs a boob job. (Really…)
2. Google ''[your name] looks'':
Nicole looks good in my shirt- and out of it! (apparently I don’t NEED that boob job if I look good out of a shirt…)
3. Google ''[your name] likes'':
Nicole likes guys that look like they have no blood in em. (WTF??!?!?)
4. Google ''[your name] says'':
Nicole says, "Her heart was never in it with Brody.” (I assume they are talking about Brody Jenner and his model of the moment…)
5.Google "[your name] wants":
Nicole wants bigger boobs. (Again with the boobs!)
6. Google ''[your name] does'':
Nicole does the mom thing. (Yes I do.)
7. Google ''[your name] hates'':
Nicole hates her boobs. (I seriously think there is something wrong with this particular Nicole…)
8. Google ''[your name] can'':
Nicole can't stop. (although farther down there was ‘Nicole can’t flash her crotch.’)
9. Google ''[your name] goes'':
Nicole goes to prison. (Does it have something to do with the boobs and crotch flashing?)
10. Google ''[your name] is'':
Nicole is having a baby! (I’m not.)
11. Google ''[your name] loves'':
Nicole loves her Jamba Juice! (Believe it or not, I have never been to a Jamba Juice. I’m not really into that whole thing. Plus, there isn’t one for probably 100 miles…)

My conclusion is that I think Nicole Richie hates her boobs.

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