Friday, February 6, 2009

26 Random Things About Me

Chicago Girl Gone Mild had a cute post on her blog called '25 Random Things About Me' and I thought I would follow suit... except I am doing 26. So here goes:

1. Steve is a great husband even when I nag him. We are a perfect fit and I couldn't have asked for a better guy. I love him like crazy. That's not really random is it? That I love my husband like crazy? How about I knew after 2 months (essentially 3 dates since we were long distance) that I was going to be with him forever.

2. I loved my major (Health Promotion/Wellness) in college and I think it made me a more well rounded person, but as far as 'career prep' I think it was a waste of time. Although, I've never really wanted a career anyway.

3. I find working out to be a chore and don't like doing it at all. I do, however, admit that I like the way it makes me feel. I only do it because I am terrified of getting really fat.

4. I make handmade cards, yes, but sometimes I just want to buy them instead. I feel guilty sending a bought card to someone and think that they are disappointed when they receive it.

5. I really love that I am creative and artistic. Thanks mom and dad for those genes! :)

6. I think I may be a bit (ok, a little more than a bit) of a compulsive (and impulsive) shopper. I have a lot of crap that I don't need nor really want.

7. I am an organized messy person. Translation: I know where everything is in my gigantic mess.

8. I hate when the house isn't clean and someone stops by. I clean pretty much for everybody (with the exception of my studio) even if they are going to be here in 10 mins, just for a minute. I pick up most rooms. Even if it does all just get shoved in drawers, closets, etc.

9. I really like planning the party but I don't like the actual party as much.

10. I suck at interior design and picking out and arranging furniture.

11. People think that I know a lot about wine but I really don't. I know what I like and don't like and can pick out some key taste notes but that's about it. I'll tell you one thing though- I really like a medium rare filet and a good cabernet. When the two tastes melt together... mmmmmm.

12. I am truly addicted to paper. It doesn't matter that I don't scrapbook, I have to have it if I really like it. I have TONS of scrapbooking papers. My studio is like a store.

13. I like cheesy teen movies. I don't know why- they are really dumb.

14. England, Italy and Africa are on top of my list of places to go. Steve will definitely go to England & Italy with me but says no way to Africa.

15. I'm not a very good driver but I am much better than I used to be and I think I am better than the other people on the road.

16. I like really dark beer. If it has notes of chocolate- even better!

17. I don't like frosting or whipped cream or white chocolate.

18. I look forward to getting the mail everyday.

19. I have been to (spent the entire day in or spent the night) 24 states plus DC, lived in 3 states, been to more than a dozen islands and will add my 25th state (Massachusettes) to my list in May.

20. The feel of paper bags and construction paper give me goosebumps. Even just thinking about it. I have goosebumps right now!

21. My favorite place is Lutsen, Minnesota. I love Lake Superior. Even though I have only been to Lake Tahoe once, it is probably my second favorite place.

22. I like cold weather better than hot weather because you can always put more clothes on- there are only so many you can take off and you are still hot!

23. When people use double negatives and incorrect spelling it drives me nuts. Sorry, but it's true.

24. I remember a lot of things (like people's phone numbers, names, faces, addresses, memories, etc.) but I can't remember history, religion or geography. I think Steve is sometimes disappointed when I don't know major historical moments. He is incredibly smart when it comes to history. On the other hand, he has a hard time remembering the things I do. One more reason why we are a perfect fit!

25. I have always wanted to develop my own font. Artistic typefaces fascinate me. I have over 5000 fonts on my computer.

26. I didn't light a match until I was 18 and I only have lit a lighter (except for the long wand kind) once if ever. Fire too close to me freaks me out!

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