Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm reading the book Inkheart right now and while we were in Florida last week we wanted to go see a movie. Steve wanted to see Valkyrie and I didn't. Is Tom Cruise right for that role? No way. If you ask me, he just got weird after Jerry Maguire. So Steve and I went to see different movies at the same time. I couldn't decide on anything at that theater so I went to see Inkheart. I was only 65 pages into the book but went to see it anyway. I don't like when I do that but it was a pretty good movie. The beginning of the movie was nothing like the beginning of the book. There is a lot more humor and comic relief in the movie which made the movie better. The book is dark. And it is a 'children's book'. Harry Potter-esque. I read something else by Cornelia Funke and enjoyed it enough. This book has a lot more depth and adventure than The Thief Lord. Everyone in the movie had a British accent and I couldn't quite figure out how Brendan Fraser was cast. He was fine in it but he didn't talk with a fake accent yet his daughter had one... All in all it was an entertaining movie and I would recommend it to anyone that liked Harry Potter.

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