Sunday, February 8, 2009

Buddha hand

Have you ever seen one of these?? It's called a Buddha Hand. I saw it at the grocery store and wondered what it was. I asked a couple of other shoppers and then they were curious as well. The produce guys told me it was like a lemon so I bought with the intention of coming home and googling it and making something with it. That was last Friday. I googled it and found that basically you can either make candied peels, flavored liquor or use the zest in many creations as you would a lemon. It doesn't have the bitter pith that a lemon does and it basically has no flesh so you can use the whole thing. My mom (she's into the culinary thing) came on Sunday and I didn't want to make anything with it until she got a look at the weird beast. We cut off some of it and chewed on it. By Sunday night it was starting to look pretty sorry. The skin just got all tough looking and it dwindled fast after that. I don't think I'll make anything with it since it looks so pathetic now! It is a bummer too because I was going to make the candied peels and bring them back to the grocery store and let the produce employees try it. None of them had the guts to do it because it looked like a corpse's hand. Oh well. It provided a nice eye sore to our kitchen while it lasted! :)
(A side note I started this post on Sunday, Feb 8th but didn't really write it until Thursday the 12th)

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