Thursday, February 19, 2009

How I know I live with a toddler (part 3)...

* I have to lock the bathroom door now and open it with a chopstick to prevent him from throwing anything else in the toilet.
* My husband said that his Xbox is going to melt if it is on all day because the little one was playing with it. (Is this true??? I have no idea!!)
* The pan lids are being used as cymbals.
* I have a headache from the cymbals.
* My husband has a headache after talking on the phone with me for 2 minutes while there is cymbal playing in the background.
* I have to check the garbage cans to make sure he didn't throw away anything he shouldn't have.
* The garbage can in his room is on top of the dresser to make sure I don't have to pick through poop to find something that he shouldn't have thrown away.
* There are shreds of napkin, tissues and toilet paper all over the house (see picture above for evidentiary support).
* Every time he toots (especially during a diaper change) it is as if he heard the funniest thing on the planet and cracks up. Which in turn, makes me crack up, which continues the cycle. What? His laughter is contagious! :)

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Mel said...

This made me laugh! I have two nephews and their father (er, my brother) threw away EVERYTHING when we were young. I still remember a pair of brand, new Spiderman shoes that mysteriously disappeared. Only when it was too late did my parents realize he must have thrown them away. Keep checking the trash! ;)