Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am going to vent... Yesterday pretty much sucked.

*I am trapped at home but not by The Blizzaster (my favorite word for it yet although I am also digging Snotorious B.I.G.) that is wreaking havoc on the lower half of the great state of Wisconsin (we have sunny skies here!). No, I am going on day 3 1/2 of a sick almost 4 year old. Late afternoon Sunday that joy set in and it is still here on Wednesday. Boo! I cleaned up puke yesterday. Yay.

*I got summoned for jury duty. Again. A whole two months later. I served in December. I have a call into the court office to try to get out of it. I am hoping it was just a mistake and they will say no problem. I thought (as several law types told me) that I was off the hook for two years. A call into a friend in litigation said that the policy is always changing... We'll see. What a pain.

*I was able to get out last night to go to Walmart. I hate that store. It is only 2 miles from my house though so I uploaded a bunch of pictures (since I was trapped here) to the one hour photo for our adoption book. I had 10 things on my list. I found 5 of them. The pictures weren't done 6 hours later because their printers broke. Gatorade wasn't in the "beverages" aisle. Apparently, it is back by the liquor because you know that's a good mix. They didn't have the floss and sour cream I use. The yogurt that I like had 6 (I buy 15-20 usually) and they were on the top shelf at the back so I couldn't reach them. A taller girl walking by could reach 2. Thank you, kind passer byer. The girl checking me out asked me if I found everything ok. I told her no and listed off all the stuff I couldn't find and that is when she told me that the Gatorade is by the liquor. I think I'll go run 3 miles and and drink a whiskey orange Gatorade. I left frustrated and annoyed. Now I have to go back today but at least I can get some Gatorade now!

*My boy was all squirrelly and wired from the siesta he took at 6 pm. Aaaaahhhh. He was up from 8-9:30. That's my time kid.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Mel said...

I like snOMG too! ;) Sounds like an awful day. Hope it was better today and well wishes for AJ. No more puking!!!! Ick.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

LoL! I love the part about him being up during your time! i am the same way. Lately my son won't take his nap at 2 and a friend suggested letting him stay up at night a little longer (he usually goes to bed at 8) and I said NO WAY! I will figure something else out but that is mommy needs a long bath and dessert time! :)