Friday, February 11, 2011

And then she was down... Week in review!

*I got sick after the little one. I ended up at the walk-in clinic on Sunday with all sorts of junk in my face- my ears were blocked and I was hacking up a storm. So I am on antibiotics. And Mucinex, the wonder drug. While in the doctor's office (15 minutes max) I was called 'dude', I am not exaggerating, 45 times. That is 3 times per minute but actually it was probably more like 3 times per sentence. And he was definitely not a surfer! Dude, way unprofessional!

*The little one is much better and was able to attend all of his activities this week with gusto. Yay!

*Cleaning lady came on Wednesday. She only comes once a month but I love it when she comes. She is super and cleans all the things I wouldn't even think to clean. She double disinfected too, so germies be gone!

*I actually got something done this week (well not really on Tuesday because I was dealing with sending a package to Canada and you have to declare everything and it was a total pain in the keester). AJ is making robot valentines for his family and class and I worked on prepping that and I am designing his birthday party invitation and those should go out Tuesday. I will post a picture of both when they are complete! :) I will also post a picture of all the Valentine swap loot I sent (this was the package to Canada...) once I know Sara has received it.

*We are going to one of my favorite restaurants (in town) tomorrow night. Yummies. We aren't really going out for Valentine's Day but I guess we are. We were supposed to go out last weekend but our new sitter couldn't babysit so I told her when she wants to sit for us to call and we will go out. Thus tomorrow night. I am so glad it didn't end up being last weekend because I would have had to cancel due to the sickies!

*We have been socked with some REALLY frigid temperatures this week. Not fun. It is very deceptive outside- very bright and sunny, looks gorgeous and then you walk out there and bam! Frozen boogies.

*And if you aren't living in a cave you know that my boys won the Super Bowl! Woo hoo! Commercials weren't too good this year. I loved the VW Darth Vader one though- so sweet! It was a great game though and had us on the edge of our seats. Steve and I both would have much rather had a Badger Rose Bowl win but we'll take the green and gold winning...

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Mel said...

Glad you are feeling better. I must say this post made me laugh though - dude, boogies, germies, keester, sickies... :)