Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leave it to Bieber...

Up until last night's episode of Glee, I couldn't tell you the name of one song that Justin Bieber sang. Actually, I still can't tell you the names of them. Let me rephrase. Up until last night I had never heard (or realized I had heard) one song by Justin Bieber. If asked, I would just pretty much say, 'I don't know.' There is a freaking movie about the kid and his life. Huh? Boggles my mind. What boggles my mind even more? That people my age (35) want to see it or have and thought it was awesome. WHAT?!? From the songs by him on Glee last night, I am not impressed. Now I am not a big fan of pop music but what is the fascination with this kid? The hair? Blech! Puckerman with the hair? Not a good look for him. I much prefer him with the Mohawk and a guitar (can we say hot?!?). If anyone can explain this weird fascination with this kid, please do!

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Mel said...

I watched this last night. I thought Puckerman in the hair was hilarious - more so because it was making fun - at least I thought so.

I'm with you though, I don't get it. But I thought it was a teeny bopper thing. Like us with NKOTB. (Who should not be back together, IMO. Marky Mark has so much more/better going on.)

Anyway, saw Bieber on the Grammys and though he sucked. Still don't know any of his songs, but thought Glee was hilarious for making fun of him in their own special way.