Friday, October 2, 2009


Oh, to have a TV like that! Yeah right. From my list of fall TV shows blogged about HERE there are a few that I axed already... Some old shows and one new one. The shows that I am watching are So You Think You Can Dance (I will watch this as long as it is on!), How I met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Greek, New Adventures of Old Christine, Bones, The Office, 30 Rock (well not yet since it hasn't returned), Psych, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, Castle, Vampire Diaries, Community, Modern Family, Glee, Flash Forward, Cougar Town. I axed the new Melrose Place after the first AWFUL episode. Dancing with the Stars is too long, I don't care about any of the 'stars' and I have way more fun watching SYTYCD. DWTS is redundant and getting boring. The choreography on it just seems so same old, same old. So that is now gone. I am so OVER Grey's. Quit your hospital bitching, I don't care. Everyone is in 'stable' relationships so there is no more steamy are they or aren't they. I am BORED! I haven't yet decided if I am giving Desperate Housewives the axe too. I am curious what the new Bolen Family is hiding. The scars on her back intrigued me but if they drag it on too long and don't give them enough screen time to figure it out, I am out. I'll read about it in TV Guide. I LOVE Vampire Diaries. Stefan is dreamy and it is the perfect teeny bopper escapism. I am reading the books by LJ Smith right now as well and the show is better than the books. My blogger buddy, Mel at Chicago Girl Gone Mild, and I are constantly exchanging emails about our latest obsession! Modern Family is decent. I liked it enough to watch it again. Phil cracks me up on that show as the I-wanna-be-friends-with-my-kids dad. Glee is still great. Kristin Chenowith guest starring was gold, baby! Cougar Town I am still on the fence about. Courtney Cox is a little (ok, a lot) over the top on that show. It was funny though. Community is good. That is Joel McHale's perfect part. Senor Chang, el tigre chino, is hilarious. And Flash Forward is so intriguing that I cannot wait for more! That's my fall (and my opinion regardless if you wanted it) in a nutshell or in a boob tube, take your pick!

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Mel said...

I laughed out loud about our exchange of emails over the Vampire Diaries!

My friend told me to give Cougar Town a shot because she thought it was funny, even if over the top. Are you two going to get my hooked on a new show?

Grey's was very boring last week. I'm with you there! And Flash Forward is awesome!