Saturday, October 31, 2009

My love affair with Halloween

I love Halloween. Always have, always will (well, maybe I won't when I am old and can't get up to answer the door for trick or treaters...). I love dressing up for it and thinking of a costume months in advance. I love that there are so many craft ideas to do for Halloween. I love that it is in the fall, my favorite time of year. I love that there is no pressure to entertain (just buy the best candy!). I love that Almond Joy candy bars are in abundance this time of year. But most of all, I love it because 11 years ago yesterday I met my husband.
I was living in Minneapolis in 1998 and was looking for a place to party for Halloween weekend (I was 23!) and my friend, Stacy, invited me to Madison. My brother, Geoff, also invited me to Lutsen (northern MN). I debated where I was going to go but ultimately chose Mad-town since I had never spent much time there. Have you ever been to Madison on Halloween? It is insane in the membrane! Stacy (and Steve) was in her 2nd year of law school. We met up on Friday night (30th) at the UW- UMinnesota hockey game. Steve sat in front of me and missed a lot of the game because he kept turning around to talk to me. After the game he met a friend from undergrad out and we went to a party that I really wanted him to be at but he wasn't. The next day we were set to go to a Halloween party with a bunch of law school types. I was looking so forward to it. I went as Cosmic Nic, a superhero, with silver miniskirt, cape and go-go boots and a black shirt, mask and tights. I wish I had a picture of that night! Steve showed up at the same party as Captain Stubing. We started talking and I told him I could read palms (a load of crap) and started 'reading' his. He bought it and we were smitten! We had a long distance (no closer than an hour drive) relationship until we were married. A little less than 2 years after we met (September 13, 2000), he proposed. A little less than 4 years after we met (June 1, 2002), we were married. And 11 years later? We are still as happy as can be!

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Mel said...

Great story! I really wish I could see that Cosmic Nic costume! :)