Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So I know that I have been so lame when it came to writing but I have been busy trying to get Christmas and winter cards to the galleries. I have no idea why I am not doing that in July because every October it is the same! And with a very busy 2.5 year old I don't get as much done as I used to...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We had fun this year! AJ was Mower Man, a lawn mowing superhero. Goofy, I know. He's kind of known in our neighborhood for either the lawn mowing or for having a wicked golf swing so Mower Man was born! Next year maybe he'll be a golfer...

AJ in his costumes- 2007 he was a devil (we just handed out candy in 07- I had a red Baby Bjorn so the devil was just perfect. My Mom made the hat, tail and romper and added the flames with a loose stitch that we later took off and replaced with fur trim for Christmas but he was too big by then...), 2008 he was an owl (specifically the Tootsie Pop owl- he even passed them out. I made this costume. He could wear it over his jacket or sweatshirt depending on the weather. There are little ears pinned to his hood.), and this year Mower Man. The face makeup was supposed to look like a mask but that is hard to do on a ticklish 2 year old! The hair was a hit with both him and the houses. Easy peasy to make- I winged it!

I do have a love affair with Halloween but this was just a day of dress up with my friend Julie circa 1983! Can you imagine dressing like that for a Chicago Halloween? I recently dug this out of my mom's photo album and posted it on Facebook for Julie to see- she loved it! :)

Costumes through the years (some are friends or relatives that are just clever (and that I had on my computer)):
1. Halloween 1996- Senior year of college I went as Conscience. I spray painted half my shirt and skirt silver and the other half red. One leg red tights, one silver tights, one red shoe with flames painted on it, one silver shoe with stars. More intense makeup and hair teased on the devil side, lighter makeup and straightened hair (only time I have ever straightened my hair...) on the angel. My headband had a horn and a half of a halo. It was a pretty good costume, one of my favorites.
2. 2000: My sister-in-law, Lisa, as a zombie and my brother, Geoff as Lucifer. Dude, he's scary.
3. 2001: I am Igor in the center. My back hurt like hell after that night. Bartending with a hunchback is not fun. And I had a hard time talking with the fake teeth. Check out Mary as Olive Oyl- she was so perfect!
4. 1999: Geoff as a ghost cowboy. He drug (dragged?) his shirt behind his truck and shot it with a shotgun to get the proper effect!
5. 2001: I am Iris Retina. Don't ask me- I am just bizarro! The blue skin itched.
6. 2000: Fairy. Favorite costume EVER!
7. 1999: I was inspired by Smashmouth's Astro Lounge album cover so basically I am an alien. I actually spray painted my skin and hair (and yes it took forever to get out!). I wonder what Smashmouth is doing these days... I saw them in concert when they opened for U2 in 1997 but haven't heard much since. My dad was Cyrano de Bergerac. He was a pirate first and we decided he looked more like Cyrano.
8. 1999: I was a shiek complete with a fake nose. See Cyrano... People didn't even know I was female until I spoke.
9. 2001: Friend, Liz, as a Titanic victim. I gave her the idea and she ran with it and looked great! (Everyone used to ask me what they should be...)
10. 2000: That is me behind the bar as a skull. It was so freaky. My dad is the nun. I was very close to winning a costume contest with that getup but we left before it was over.

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