Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Line-up- Coming soon to a TV near you!

So I have said it once and I will say it again (several times), I WATCH WAY TOO MUCH TV!! I don't know if I should be ashamed of that or not... My favorite time of the year is fall because what's on? New TV shows! Love it! So there are my old favorites starting up again but here are the new shows that I am looking forward to as well.

So You Think You Can Dance (Tues & Wed on Fox) is one of my top 5 favorite shows but it is usually on only in the summer. This year? Fall as well. I won't be doing reviews of this season like I did last because I don't think anyone cares what I think of my beloved SYTYCD! Haha!

Vampire Diaries. Cheesy, I know. It's received great buzz though and I love, love, love True Blood. Vamps are trendy might as well capitalize on it!

Modern Family (Wed ABC). Adoptive Families magazine even gave this one a thumbs up probably because it puts adoption in the spotlight in a positive way. Again, it's generating some major buzz.

Glee (Wed Fox). Did you watch the pilot for this in May? It was great! Left me wanting more. Quirky and fun and Jane Lynch is the mean cheerleading coach- even better!

FlashForward (Thurs ABC). This one seems very intriguing. Lost-ish. Good, good indeed!

Cougar Town (Wed ABC). I don't know. I thought I'd give it a whirl. It's another one getting good buzz.

Community (Thurs NBC). This one seems quirky funny. I like quirky.

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I am going to give the new Melrose Place a shot. I gave 90210 a chance- it is awful. The acting is the worst. But I liked the originals of both back in the day. (Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry starts dating a cop and she gives him a lie detector test because he said he didn't watch Melrose but she didn't believe him? He totally did and cracked under the pressure of the test and spouted off everything about Sydney and Michael and Co.- that was funny!) My old favorites returning are Dancing with the Stars, Castle (a fun murder mystery show), How I Met Your Mother (one of the funniest on TV), Gossip Girl, Greek (I love it!! Starts on Mon!!), New Adventures of Old Christine (I like her 'TMI' moments- she says things that actually happen in real life but no one ever talks about), Grey's Anatomy (getting a little bored with it), Bones, The Office (I laugh out loud), 30 Rock (I used to not like this show when it first came on and then I gave it another try and I was hooked. Smart funny.), Psych (Steve tried hard NOT to like this funny under the radar show but he thought it was good. James Roday and his quick wit crack me up!), Desperate Housewives (Again, a little bored, yet still watch it), Brothers & Sisters (let the fighting continue!) and of course, Dexter (one of the best on TV today- deliciously wicked). Yes, my DVR will be full most of the time and the internet will be on overdrive at our house. I don't care, I like it!
I read TV Guide cover to cover. My fall doesn't seemed as booked up as it was in previous years. A bunch of the shows I watch are coming back midseason. That is probably a good thing.

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Mel said...

Ha! I still need to do my post on this! Did you know there is a major Thursday night conflict?! Grey's, The Office and Fringe are all on at teh same time! Did you watch Fringe yet? You must! And I'm totally getting bored with Grey's too!

Did you watch last night's Greek? Love it! Although I'm concerned we're going to have to revisit the whole Cappy/Evan thing AGAIN!

Wow! I should have just emailed you! ;)