Monday, November 16, 2009

Sugar Doll

Okay, so I am not sure if this is really an 'award' or not but Mel at Chicago Girl Gone Mild nominated me for it... Thanks! :)
The rules are that I have to now post the logo, reveal 10 interesting things about myself and nominate 10 other bloggers for the award. Here goes:
1. I have never been on a diet. I think that is going to change soon as it is starting to show...
2. I am an incredibly loyal person- to family, friends, businesses I like, etc. However, if a business betrays me or really drive me nuts, I boycott it. One business I have boycotted and will never go to is Home Depot. Their customer service sucks.
3. I keep in touch with a lot of people. Friends often come to me to hear what is going on with others or for addresses.
4. I love mail. I hope we never go all electronic. Do you think that would happen?
5. I am a homebody. I like to hang out at home and create, play on the computer, watch TV, read... There are many weekends that I don't leave the house.
6. I love board games, dice games and card games. I am also pretty competitive. My favorite card game is Skip-Bo and dice game is Yahtzee. I don't have a favorite board game- I love them all! I also enjoy word games & jigsaw puzzles. I don't play games often enough. Back when I lived in Minneapolis, I worked for 2 different daycares for school age kids and I played board or card games everyday...
7. I knew my hubby and I were going to be together forever when, after 2.5 months, he wrote me a sonnet in iambic pentameter and he had a dog named Squirt. I always wanted to name a dog Squirt! Also, I think our AJ is one of the cutest kids on the planet and is going to keep the girls chasing after him!
8. I have only straightened my curls once and that was for a Halloween costume. And it was only half my hair.
9. I am a very giving person- time, objects and money.
10. I won 'Funniest Walk' in two different dorms with completely different people in college. I never thought about my walk until then. Then I asked a couple of high school friends and they said 'yeah... it's true.' I still can't figure out why my walk is so funny!
Ten Bloggers- How about 4? Well, I'll give you some but I doubt they'll do it from mine... I don't read many blogs regularly except for these (and Mel's...).
Thanks Mel! :)

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Mel said...

Good stuff! And I hope mail never goes all electronic either. I love sending and receiving cards!