Thursday, June 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

Do you watch this show? If you don't, you should! I love SYTYCD! I don't watch Idol, America's Got Talent or many other reality shows but I look forward to this show every summer. And this year it is going to be on in the fall too? You have got to be kidding me!!! Last night's competition was so good that I honestly didn't know who would go home. Usually it is pretty clear. Melissa (aka the Naughty Ballerina) and Ade's piece absolutely AMAZING! Those lifts were redunkulous! Evan & Randi? Thought I wasn't going to like her but you pair her with the adorable Evan (Mr. Broadway- let's hope his bro makes it to the top 20 this fall because those 2 together are unstoppable) and give them one of Tice's coolest jazz pieces ever and you have magic. Kayla & Max will be there in the end after their muy caliente salsa. Caitlin & Jason- their Bollywood number wasn't as good as Katee & Joshua's last season but it was still a ton of fun and had me bopping along with them. Jason has some charisma that is non stop. And Phillip & Jeanine's hip hop was another of my faves. Phillip is funky. I hope he can pull out the ballroom dances. Kupono & Ashley's piece was weirdly wonderful. So entrancing. I was sucked in immediately. I think it had something to do with the Goldfrapp song and the fact the Wade is a GOD when it comes to choreography. And I don't want to forget Brandon & Janette. Brandon had me at his audition last year. I couldn't believe he didn't make it to the Top 20 last season BUT then I wouldn't have seen his totally amazing audition this year! It was so powerful and moving, I have no idea why Mia & Lil C are dissing him. The foxtrot was beautiful, enough said.
Did I mention that I am about as coordinated as a turnip? I know I can't dance but I have always loved, loved, loved to watch it. I have seen a ton of dancing movies and even if the acting is the worst (and it usually is if the dancing is good- Center Stage, I mean you.) I will watch it again & again & again. If I catch just a glimpse of the dancing, I can't pass it up. That is why I love SYTYCD because you get to see every genre choregraphed by some of the best and danced beautifully. And I don't have to sit through the stupid plot to see it! The Pas de Deux that Will & Katee danced last season and the Hummingbird Dance that Huk & whoever he danced that with a couple of seasons ago are my all time faves. Will was amazing on that show and I hope he is doing great things with his awesome talent.
So watch it! And enjoy it!

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