Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I finished Eclipse last week and I really enjoyed it. I took my time reading it- didn't rush through it like Twilight, Midnight Sun & New Moon. I am waiting now until I am done with Stalked (which New Moon, Eclipse & Fearless Fourteen had backburnered) to start Breaking Dawn. I am still curious how Bella & Edward's story wraps up and am thankful that no one has spoiled it for me! My babysitter (who is now a junior in HS) was shocked that I didn't know how it ended but when you are on the verge of 34 (2 1/2 weeks), my gossip circle is a little different than a 16 year old's! I guess high schoolers ruin books for each other. I heard that Breaking Dawn is the best of them all after you get hooked in with Twilight so it should be good!!

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