Friday, June 19, 2009

Book Review: Stalked by Brian Freeman

On my Facebook profile I have Harlan Coben listed as a favorite author and Facebook is how I found the very talented Brian Freeman. On the right sidebar on FB there are advertisements that pull things from your profile (example: if I have a certain TV show listed it will tell me when it premieres, kinda cool) and one day one of them said 'If you like Harlan Coben, you'll love Brian Freeman.' So I decided to give him a shot. He's good. He's very twisty turny and dark but it was solid writing and kept me turning the pages. I figured some things out but not everything so the book had succeeded in keeping me hooked and keeping it interesting. I am kind of bummed that I started with this book though. It is the third book following Jonny Stride and Serena Dial and I wish I would have started with Immoral and then Stripped. I think it'll be okay that I read this one though. There may have been some details from the first & second in the third but hopefully I have already forgotten them. It is odd to say that I 'like' this book because it is pretty sexually graphic with rape and murder and how do say you 'like' a book like that? It is a good read though!

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