Monday, January 24, 2011

The Packers are going to the Super Bowl!

The Packers were victorious! Yay! It was a nail biter too! So Wisconsin has had a good year- Badgers at the Rose Bowl and Packers at the Super Bowl! Hopefully the Packers will have better luck than the Badgers did...

This is what I love and hate about the Bears-Packers rivalry- the players are friends and the fans are enemies. Why is that? Why can the guys playing the game go out and congratulate each other and be genuinely excited for the winning team despite losing yet the fans have to continue to go on and on about how much they despise the other fans? The Packers won and I am happy but if the Bears had won I would be happy for all my friends that are Bears fans. When TCU won the Rose Bowl, I emailed Ryan (the only person I knew who went to TCU) early the next morning to tell her congrats and that it was a good game because it was. TCU played well. Better than the Badgers. She emailed me back with a very nice note about how she was thinking of me and how it was nice to know someone on the 'other side'. There is such a hatred that comes from some fans. I don't care about the ribbing that goes on between friends (or strangers) that is harmless and fun. It's the fans that take the games and players and ribbing so personally that they get downright mean. I am not singling out Bear fans because Packer fans can be just as bad if not worse. During the game I kept checking my facebook wall to see what was being said and it was mostly 'Go Bears' or 'Go Pack' but after the game it was much more fierce. I don't even want to comment at all when people are like that.

In the end though, isn't it really just a game?


Mel said...

It's not just a's an experience!!! :)

We had two sets of Packer fans in front of us. One was a very nice couple. The other was a four-some of drunk, annoying late 30s/early 40s dudes who taunted (putting it nicely) everyone the entire time which was completely uncalled for! And tried to hit on the 16-year old girls next to me who were there with their PARENTS! And didn't stand up or cheer for the servicemen honored during the game. A******s!

Sean's bro lives in WI. Some lady he teaches with said she would never go to a game at Soldier Field b.c. the Bears fans throw beer on you and there are too many gangs in Chicago. Bahahahaha! That made me laugh.

Melanie said...

I so totally agree with you!

So... I have to travel on Sunday during the Super Bowl Game.... do you think I'm safe to wear my Packers Championship tee and Sweatshirt In Chicago O'Hare airport?

I can't believe I'm gonna be on a plane during the Super Bowl... hoping to find a sports bar in the airport to at least watch pregame show!