Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm back with a funny tidbit.

See all this snow? See that sled in my hubby's hand? Well, well, well. On this day (by the way, this was our Christmas photo- cute, huh?) we got 12-15 inches of snow. It was beautiful and fun to play in which AJ and Steve did all morning. Shortly after this pic was taken they came inside but left the sleds in the yard. Well by that time we had only gotten about a quarter to a third of the snow we were supposed to. So the sleds were buried. A couple weeks later AJ and I are playing outside and I am looking in the garage for the sleds... Not there. I go tromping around the yard and find the toboggan but not the saucer. I think on this particular day I had to shovel the driveway because the snow blower wasn't working. So I call my hubs at work and complain to him that I can't find the sleds and thanks for leaving them outside because that is what good wives do, right? Nag their husbands? I admit, I do it well. Sometimes too well that Steve needs to leave and go to the Y. We got some more snow this past weekend so Steve decides he is going to try the snow blower again to see if it works. No. It is not the engine though. And he can see what is wrong with it. This shield from the snow blower is blocking the blades. Five minutes later he comes back in the house to tell me he found the saucer sled... mangled in the blades of the snow blower! How do you NOT notice that you just hit a big chunk of plastic and that it got eaten by the snow blower? He got it out, using the pruners to cut enough of the plastic so that he was able to tear it out. Men. At least it made for a funny story. Can you imagine if we had brought the snow blower in to be serviced? Those repair guys would have been laughing their asses off!

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