Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mid-Season Lineup

I finally finished watching all the episodes of Boardwalk Empire on my DVR this past weekend. This series is fantastic! Everything about it.

I especially liked Kelly Macdonald's character, Margaret Schroeder. She was crafty and subtly conniving. Michael Shannon's Agent Nelson Van Alden was wonderfully played as well.

This dude just freaked me out. Jack Huston is a tremendous actor though! And actually pretty hot (minus the mask...)! He has a Johnny Depp/Jared Leto look.

I added Shameless on Showtime to my list of must watch shows this winter. Fantastic thus far! Emmy Rossum should get an Emmy.

I am going to try Fairly Legal out on USA tonight. I like USA shows- Psych, White Collar & Covert Affairs. They are fun and a little bit lighter. We'll see...

Greek is back! Woohoo! Love this show!! Casey, Evan and Katherine are in law school at CRU while Cappie, Calvin & Ashleigh find their way. Dale is rushing Omega Chi! Rusty is bitter about it.

Big Love is in their final season and I hope it is as intriguing as the first 5. It is time to end this one though. It is great but I am ready to move on.

White Collar and Mr. Easy on the Eyes (Matt Bomer) are back. Love me some eye candy.

Pretty Little Liars has to go and screw up my DVR. I became slightly addicted to this over the summer when little else was on. Who the hell is A? I am sucked in too far now not to find out!

And Life Unexpected is over. It was a nice ride. They keep saying 'Season Finale' but apparently Shiri Appleby confirmed that it was over on Facebook. The season finale was definitely a series finale on Tuesday night. They jumped ahead 2 years at the end and wrapped it up which was nice not to have a 'I wonder who they ended up with...' feeling. The only one I couldn't figure out was who Math's pregger wife was- Abby? Alex? Can't tell those two actresses apart anyway. I find it odd though how their lives after being so messed up were nice and tidy and together 2 years later. I won't say what happened in case you haven't watched it yet though.

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Mel said...

Boo to Life Unexpected. I hope the DVR caught it. I forgot all about it. Oh well.