Friday, January 28, 2011

The it's Friday, I'm in love series...

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Our new bedroom set! Except the nightstands aren't in yet so our old ones are still in there. I found a different bed that I loved but I hated the dresser and nightstands and of course they didn't have any other options in that stain. And Steve liked this one as well which was good. And it was on sale. And I got free delivery with a competitor coupon. Score!

My bear friend sitting on the bed is named Bearister and Steve gave him to me when we were dating. I sleep with him every night curled up in my arms when I am at home. I miss sleeping with him when we are traveling. I thought the name was pretty clever, since Steve is a barrister! ;)

And the beautiful quilt was made by my mom. We have had it since October but finally it is not drowning out the bed! It is called Coffee or Teal. Yeah, my mom is clever too. Although, it took me a month to get it... One day it just dawned on me.

My new specs! Aren't they super cute? I never wore my glasses before- now I don't want to wear my contacts! They are Kate Spade. Sorry the picture is so crappy (taken with my iphone) and my hair is a mess... That little one next to me is cute too.
I don't know what I'd do all winter without Aveda Hand Relief and Foot Relief. I bought the gift set for myself. I deserve it. ;)
And Paul Mitchell Spray Wax! LOVE! This stuff instantly picks up limp locks and adds a little pow! Only drawback it makes your hands so sticky. I use this whenever we go out at night and my hair looks lame all day and after this stuff is in it looks like I just walked out of the salon and had a pro (K-dog!) do it. I could have used it before I took the above picture! Ha ha!


Mel said...

Like the new glasses!

Micaela said...

when i was little, i didn't dream of this huge wedding but the one thing i wanted was a pretty quilt just like yours :) lol isn't that weird? i saw "how to make an american quilt" and thought it was magical.

your mom is one talented lady... it's GORGEOUS!

ps. that's a CUTEEE pic of you two! :)