Thursday, May 28, 2009

Craig's List

I admit it. I am a Craig's List novice. Never bought anything off of it, never sold anything on it. Same with Ebay. It's just overwhelming to me. I did buy one thing off of Ebay once and I hated bidding on something that I knew someone else was just driving the price up on. I ended up paying $20 for something that was 'retired' but originally cost $12. Yesterday, I posted some big stuff on Craig's List because I don't want to ship it anywhere because it would cost a fortune. I posted 6 things that have not been used since forever. Four of the six I have received bids on in less then 24 hours, 1 of them in less than 2 hours. If I knew it would be that easy to get rid of my crap I would have done this a long time ago!

I do have the purging feeling lately. I have things that have never seen the light of day and keep being carried from one house to another house (hopefully THAT won't happen anytime soon again- no more moving!!), one room to another room and most likely end up in the storage room. More like accumulating room. It has a tendency to just accumulate things. Over the long weekend I moved my studio from an upstairs bedroom to a room downstairs that just got a set of new french doors & a paint job. There is no closet in this room so I am using a portion of the 'accumulating' room as a closet (the door for the storage room is in the studio and the storage room is HUGE so no worries). As I am moving and reorganizing, I just couldn't believe how much stuff I had. Scrapbook paper? I could open a store! And here's the kicker: I DON'T EVEN SCRAPBOOK!!! But I do use it for my cards. Like 1/32nd of it... I had it organized into polka dots, stripes, flowers, etc. but that isn't working for me. I think I need to go by color instead. First, I need to get rid of 3/4 of it and then organize it by color. Other craft things that I am never going to get to? Check. Have lots of them. A desire washes over me, I buy the materials and then they sit and sit and eventually I forget why I bought this stuff in the first place. What project?

So what this boils down to is that I am going to take the money I make off my Craig's List listings and buy some more scrapbook paper and maybe take up crocheting. Hmmmmm... :)

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Mel said...

How did that work out for you? I've tried to post a few things on CL before, but always felt like it was a bunch of wackos who responded looking for a lower price, so I gave up. Good luck!