Sunday, May 31, 2009


We were in Boston a couple of weeks ago. Just me and the hubby for a vacation. Neither of us had ever been, so why not? It is a very walkable city and not as big as I was expecting. The T was great to get around on too. Although on Friday night we almost took it back to our hotel but I forgot the card so we ended up taking a cab. Between the station that we would of gotten on and the next one there was an accident and 46 people were injured when one train rear ended another. I'm not sure if it was inbound or outbound but I am super glad I forgot the card!!! Wouldn't that have sucked? We ate at some good places but not fabulous. Antico Forno was my favorite in the North End (Italian District). Fenway was fun! Sox won 13-3, scoring 12 runs in the 6th inning to tie a record. The place was a madhouse. We did a Duck Tour- it was cheesy but fun! We sat next to Tim McCarver (an old time Cardinal) on the Duck Tour who still calls the World Series and who called at Fenway Sat nite. Steve was the only person who recognized him. We went to Harvard and Hah-vahd Square, Boston Common, Boston Public Library, Public Gardens (loved this!!), Newbury Street, Beacon Hill, Freedom Trail, USS Constitution... We had desserts and drinks at The Top of the Hub which was cool. It overlooked the whole city.

AJ had picked this book, You Can't Take a Balloon Into The Museum of Fine Arts, up from the library before we left although I didn't realize it then that it was about Boston (and it didn't have any words- just illustrations). I picked it out of the bag 2 days after we got back and it was so funny because we did EVERYTHING in the book EXCEPT go to The Museum of Fine Arts! So there are some funny pictures and it gave me a way to tell him about our trip. The story line (picture line) is that the little girl has a balloon and she can't go into the museum with it so her Grandma stays outside with it and it floats all through the city and people in each place (Fenway, an ump and 3rd baseman) help her grab the balloon and continue with her. Of course she gets the balloon back right in front of the museum right when the girl is walking out. It is a neat book.

Steve & I at Faneuil Hall in front of the Samuel Adams statue. We thought this was going to be really cool but it wasn't. A bunch of junky souvenir shops in a historic building... And then outside was a bunch of chain restaurants and shops, whatever.

How cute is this? This was in the middle of the Harvard campus! Absolutely had to take a picture!!

Steve at Fenway!! We had really crappy seats but we stayed dry when it was raining and we could see everything, so who cares? They played the Indians that night and won 13-3.

More Fenway

Tell me this picture isn't so cool! These were the tulips at the Boston Public Garden. There were 9000 planted in the park!!

Again with the tulips... They just look like they are glowing.

I thought the cemeteries were really cool here. All the graves were so old. This of course is Samuel Adams grave but I took pictures of several other tombstones that had kitschy pictures of an angel dancing with a skeleton and skulls with wings. I didn't post them because I didn't want to be too macabre. There are stories about why designs were chosen and a lot of them had the same designs.

Trinity Church. This church was so pretty. It is on the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail was marked all over the city by red bricks and was about 1.5-2 miles. You couldn't lose your way!

Where everybody knows your name... Cheers Bar. (Taken from the Duck tour)

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