Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Review: Henny-Penny retold & illustrated by Jane Wattenberg

Henny Penny isn't a new story by any means but this one is HILARIOUS! The 'illustrations' which are photographs cut out are so funny. Honestly, the pictures are a little scary for a youngin but I was cracking up the whole time! And when I read to my guy I use voices and accents (not very well but I still do it) and read loud and it was fun to read aloud. This book should be on your list the next time you are at the library.


Anonymous said...

"Honestly, the pictures are a little scary for a youngin..."

Can you be more specific, please? See, I'm thinkin of buying this very book for a 4 yrs old kid and now i'm little worried if it's not too scarry for him... Are there pictures of a fox actually eating the birds or it just states in text?

Nic said...

Well, I posted about this back in May so from what I can remember it was scary. My two year old doesn't know it is scary but I thought it was graphic. But really it all depends on the kid. Check it out from the library first to see for yourself. Or check on B&N or Amazon online to see if they 'open' the book and then you can see for yourself or go to the bookstore to check it out. The fox looks at each of the birds and in a thought bubble there is a cooked bird. I can't remember if the fox actually eats the birds in the pictures but I want to say yes. Your decision.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately our library doesn't have this book. But I'll try to find those illustrations somewhere... Although it really all depends on the kid, as you said.