Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Rewind

Me and AJ New Years Day 2009

AJ, Luke and Annie (my nephew and niece, Steve's sister's kids) New Years Day 2009

AJ, Parker and Adreanna (my nephew and niece, my brother's kids) sledding on Boxing Day 2009

2009 was super great! Here is an overview of last year:
* all attorney dinner * Gainesville, FL * AJ turned 2 * AJ's playdate birthday party * painted the office yellow (straw) * tissue paper flowers with 4H East kids * Entered an art auction with a painting of a dog and a stone bracelet * Madtown * 1st Madison farmer's market of the year * UW Madison Spring Football Game (AJ's first football game- he LOVED it!!) * Visit with Paske's * Visit with Steph * Boston * FENWAY!!! * North End eating * History strolling * New, big TV, entertainment center and basement painted gold (while we were in Boston) * Block Party (so windy and cold!) * 7 year anniversary * Hillie's grad party in Minneapolis * June parties including one at our house * visit with Johnson family * #34 * Gary & Earlene come to visit * pimped out garage * annual family reunion (Koehler family) at our house * VEGAS!! * Spa at Bellagio * GREAT eats in the desert * coming home a winner!! * zoo with a bunch of Dietrich's * visit with Julie and family in Hancock * visit with Stacy and her girls * Minneapolis visit to see Carol, Mark and Hillie before Hill goes to Georgetown * party at Mella's (with croquet and my team won!) * girl's night out * fairy and gnome party at museum * visit with Steph and her boys * another successful Road Rally * fairy party at our house * Martha and Patrick's baby welcoming shower at our house * visit with Gary * 2 huge trees cut down in our yard- it changed everything! * Birds in Art dinner and reception * Wausau Festival of Arts * Firehouse open house * Talk Like a Pirate Party at John & Nancy's * visit with Mark & Jen * Apple Orchard * OctoBIRDfest at the museum * Pumpkin patch * Gary & Earlene visit * Trick or Treating with Mower Man * hired Nikki our super awesome babysitter * started volunteering at Boys & Girls Club in the Art Room * Jeanne's party * Click, Clack Moo at The Grand * Lucy's party * Kim's party *Thanksgiving up north * B&B Party * Wildtree Party at our house * Mobile Meals Holiday party * Chicago with mom * Met my blogger buddy, Mel in Chicago * One of a Kind Art and Gift Show (I will blog about this) * good eats in Chitown * Marty & Laurie's Holiday party * Mosaic star ornaments with 4H East kids * Steve's 35th and an awesome bottle of wine * Mella's holiday open house * Christmas * sledding on Boxing Day * Christmas with the Dietrich's * opened an ETSY shop!!

Whew! What a year! It seems we upped our popularity this year since it seemed like we were invited to a lot of parties but we also had a few too. Seemed like we were always busy and 2010 is going to be busy as well. Fun busy. We have a trip to New York planned for March and a family vacation to Florida (Captiva Island) in May that we are looking forward to and a few big projects for me. I opened an etsy shop to keep me on my toes (hopefully!) and I have a custom invitation job early this year (500 invitations) that will keep me very busy and up late at night.

Please visit my new etsy shop!! It includes artwork from both me and my mom.

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Lovely shop! I finally visited! :)